Who We Are

ROCHELEAU designs, builds, services, and operates highly productive and efficient blow molding machinery that is simple in design and exceptionally versatile.

Since 1938, the Rocheleau family has owned and operated the manufacturing business and built a team of skilled engineers, sales, service technicians and support staff to provide the best service and support in the industry for years of reliable production.

Let us work with you on your project from the ground up, with one source of responsibility to ensure your project is completed efficiently. 

L.A. Rocheleau

L.A. Rocheleau, Founder

Under the leadership of second president, Norman Rocheleau (L.A.’s eldest son), the current facility at 117 Industrial Road in Fitchburg, MA, was completed in 1976 shortly after L.A.’s passing.

Following the retirement of Norman’s youngest brother and third president Roland Rocheleau in 2001, leadership transitioned to the third generation of the Rocheleau family.

Roland’s eldest son, Steven Rocheleau, currently oversees the company as president, leading the ownership and management team which consists of five seasoned members of the third generation of the Rocheleau family. 

Our Story

Rocheleau Tool & Die was founded in 1938 by Leopold A. Rocheleau, known to friends and colleagues as “L.A.”.

At the start, L.A. operated as a one-man machine shop out of his home, but he soon patented and produced a successful line of cutter grinding fixtures and sliding swivel indicator bases, necessitating the procurement of a more appropriate location. The company moved from that small basement shop to a dedicated machining facility on North Main Street in Leominster, MA.  As soon as they were old enough, L.A.’s children were eager and committed to contribute to building the business that would become the family’s legacy.

Following the relocation in the early 1960’s, L.A. expanded the product line to include plastic molding machinery in partnership with ROSADE Machine, which once again necessitated another building expansion.

THE THIRD GENERATION brought about many changes, including the addition of a custom mold shop, the design and manufacture of Rocheleau trimming and automation equipment as well as a bottle production facility and a research & development lab.

Rocheleau Owner/Management Team

ROCHELEAU is fortunate to have dedicated fourth generation family members who are working full time at the company, proving to be integral to the present and future success of our company.

Rocheleau Family

Industry Involvement