Modular and Flexible Options

Rocheleau machinery can be configured in a modular fashion, offering flexible solutions for evolving manufacturing demands. Automation and other options are available. Individual components can be incorporated into Rocheleau systems or other adaptable machine lines.

Spin Trim: Fully automated spin trimming for dome scrap removal

Detabber: Tail puller consistently provides precise, efficient tail scrap removal

Impact Deflash: Vertical trimmer allows bottles to remain standing in upright position for easier transition to down-line processes

Leak Detection: In-line container leak testing provides for quality control

Parison Programming:  Parison programming controls allow for easy adjustment and optimum control of the weight and wall thickness of the parison as it is being formed

Programmable Die Head: Programmer assemblies with guided harness for multiple heads or individual cylinders per die head

Gripper Eject: Top grip bottle eject systems ensure positive transfer of bottles to take away automation 

Conveyor: Effective handling of bottles between trimming stations and other down line equipment

Pull-Up Neck Finish: Lightweight bottle neck calibration

Ram-Down Neck Finish: Heavyweight  bottle neck calibration