Complete Blow Molding Systems

Rocheleau is a proud manufacturer of Blow Molding Machinery, Blow Molds, and Automation Equipment for the worldwide plastics and packaging industry. Focusing on everything from product flow to overall efficiency, Rocheleau is here to partner with you, providing insight and assistance at every stage of the process.
From pellets to packaged products, we are constantly incorporating better ways to equip blow molders with the tools needed to service the challenging demands of plastics production. We strive to develop better, faster, quieter and cleaner manufacturing operations. Check out some of these manufacturing processes in the video below!

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Products & Services


From concept through production, Rocheleau develops an optimized plan that considers bottle design, prototype molding, machinery systems, and in-house manufacturing options.


Rocheleau offers complete tooling services including custom mold making and manufacturing of die heads with wide-ranging configurations. Our experienced toolmakers create molds that meet a range of production needs, reliably, efficiently and economically.


Rocheleau machinery can be configured in a modular fashion, offering flexible solutions for evolving manufacturing demands. Automation and other options are available. Individual components can be incorporated into Rocheleau systems or other adaptable machine lines.

Industry Spotlights

Rocheleau’s complete blow molding systems service a wide variety of industries. See below for some spotlights into a few of these industries!

From cleaning supplies to personal care products to food storage, you use more bottles and containers each day than you may realize. Rocheleau has the capabilities and know-how to suit your production requirements based on your specific needs.

Each year, 233 billion pounds of milk is consumed in the US. With this staggering figure comes a need for containers to hold it all. Rocheleau’s team provides part design and installation assistance worldwide, for the production of containers for your food and beverage products.

Cost and space efficiency in the industrial world are of utmost importance. In such competitive markets, it is imperative that new technology is developed and utilized to gain a competitive edge. This is where Rocheleau and the RS-90 come in.

Hear More From Our Satisfied Customers!

“Rocheleau builds robust, precise, easy to use machinery – but perhaps more importantly, they offer some of the best service and support that I’ve experienced. The entire Rocheleau team seems to have a real passion for blow molding and a real passion for customer service. I’ve worked with them on many development projects and I’ve never been let down – I think of Rocheleau as more than just a vendor.  I think of them as a partner.”

– Zack Fredericks, Senior Sales Engineer, Schoeneck Containers

“The Rocheleau blow molding machine we installed almost five years ago still runs fantastically. It has had the least amount of break downs and repairs needed. When we did need a service tech to visit the facility, he was quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable. The parts have easy nomenclature, which is extremely helpful. The parts department is always quick to respond and the parts are always available. Overall the experience with Rocheleau Tool has been one of the better of my 17 year experience dealing with vendors.”

– Adrianna Bishop, Maintenance/Safety Coordinator, Prairie Farm Dairy