CS Series

Continuous Extrusion Blow Molding Machines

For production of a wide range of bottles and other applications with calibrated neck finish. 

  • Continuous extrusion extruder with shuttle clamp
  • Single to 6-parison die head configurations
  • Integrated part take away and deflash automation well suited for unique part handling
  • Optional multi-layer, co-extrusion systems
  • Optional feed screws and die heads for engineering grade resins
Rocheleau CS-2

CS-2 Blow Molder

  • 63.5 mm (2.5″) extruder unit
  • 90 kg (200 lbs.) per hour throughput HDPE
  • Up to 6-parison die heads
  • Hydraulic deflash automation
  • other options available
CS-1 Multi Layer Head

CS-1 Blow Molder

  • 50mm (2.0″) extruder unit
  • 55 kg (120 lbs.)/hour throughput HDPE
  • Up to 4-parison die heads
  • other options available

CS Series in Action:

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CS2 2-Head 2-Liter
CS2 2-Head 2-Liter
CS2 Urinal Bottle
CS2 Urinal Bottle