Rocheleau Sales Team
Sales Team: Steven Rocheleau, Cathy Rocheleau, Nick Rocheleau

Full Spectrum of Options

Take a project from concept through production.

ROCHELEAU offers part design & prototype molding services, production molds and related tooling, complete blow molding machinery and trimming automation systems, and coordination of plant layout. We can manage logistics worldwide as well as in-plant installation assistance and training performed by Rocheleau technicians. 

After sales support includes technical on-site service, machine repair, diagnostics, adjustments and calibration to ensure that your Rocheleau machinery is running efficiently and effectively.  

Rocheleau’s inside engineering and technical service staff are highly responsive, and are readily available to take your call to provide you with technical expertise and parts assistance by phone or email.  We stock a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts to keep you up and running.

Partner with Rocheleau and you receive factory experienced technical staff for support of your complete blow molding operation


Rocheleau’s  in-house engineering team designs blow molding machinery, blow molds and trimming equipment in a modular format to accommodate a multitude of blow molded items, including containers of many sizes and shapes for your packaging needs. 

Systems are designed to meet customer requirements with consideration of productivity, space and capital investment. 

Rocheleau’s capabilities include in-house machinery, mold and container manufacturing, prototype product design, testing, tooling, parts and maintenance.

Coordination of engineering is available for turnkey plant operations worldwide that meet a range of production needs reliably and economically.  

Rocheleau Engineering Team
Rocheleau Engineering Team: Jon Boisvert, Jeff Rocheleau, Nick Rocheleau, Alex Rocheleau

Industries Served

Rocheleau specializes in reciprocating screw blow molding machines, offering a wide range of machinery sizes and trimming automation configurations. We also offer continuous extrusion blow molding systems for specialty or custom applications. Our modular system approach allows us to customize machinery fit for purpose, and allows for flexible and expandable options as manufacturing demands evolve. Typical applications include:


  • Dairy & Beverage products, non-handled as well as handled bottles
  • Food packaging for milk, juice, vegetable oil
  • Packer style bottles
  • Industrial containers
  • Automotive
  • Household chemicals
  • Wipes & dry goods canisters
  • Personal care containers, such as liquid soap and shampoo bottles
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Nutraceutical canisters
  • Sugar & coffee canisters
  • Toys and novelty items
  • Educational purposes at college & technical schools
  • R&D test labs
  • Specialty bottles

Our versatile machinery is easy to operate, has low maintenance requirements, and is well suited for dedicated, high-volume production applications or custom molding.